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Family Owned, Family Operated

Photo of Knakmuhs Agency staff


From left: Nate, Kerry, Justin and Matt Knakmuhs

Who We Are

Knakmuhs Agency is a third generation family-owned independent Insurance Agency and Real Estate Agency. With offices in Walnut Grove, Tracy, Westbrook and Storden, MN our families are members of your community. We have a strict sense of civic duty and dedicate ourselves to the service of others. As an independent insurance agency, we provide you with coverage from multiple angles of the insurance industry. We spend time with you to understand your needs to find the right fit. 

Original Knakmuhs Agency.jpg

Founder Richard Knakmuhs standing outside first agency location in Walnut Grove.

Our History


  • Richard Knakmuhs formed Knakmuhs Agency when he bought a very small agency on Main Street in Walnut Grove.


  • His son Kerry joined the business and added real estate sales into the mix.


  • A major expansion occurred when the Tracy Agency was purchased.


  • Knakmuhs Agency expanded again by becoming active in Garvin.


  • As more family became interested in joining the agency, we found an opportunity in Westbrook and purchased an agency there.

  • We also added real estate sales to the Tracy and Westbrook locations. This made room for two of Kerry's sons to join the business.

  • Matt joined the team.


  • Nate joined the family business. Matt and Nate both graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris. 


  • Kerry's third son, Justin, joined the business after graduating from Southwest Minnesota State University.

  • We also found another opportunity to grow our business with the addition of an agency in Storden.

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